What Self Storage Facilities Are and Their Advantages

Self-Storage Facilities

The idea of self storage is still new and continues to attract the attention of most people. Storing your assets and goods at a public storage facility has several benefits including communicating with the facilities manager over the phones and get updated on the state of the assets

Public storage facilities offer storage experience to individuals and businesses men. If you are going for a trip, leaving your valuables at home may be dangerous because they can easily attract thieves and buglers. However, when you leave them at a public storage facility, you will feel free and transact your business without worrying.

storage units

When you choose to keep your goods at a public storage facility, it is necessary that you purchase boxes, tapes and packing materials where you can keep your goods before moving them to the storage facilities. Luckily, most of the public storage facilities will avail the following:

Packing supplies Needed

You will be provided with packing supplies ranging from bubble wrap, mattress bags, furniture and car covers.

Locks for Protection

All public stogie use two types of locks depending on the items they store. There is a high grade padlock and a cylinder lock to choose from. However, you are free to bring your own locks depending on the units you want to lock

Boxes Needed

The facilities provide a wide range of boxes that can help you maximize on space. If you are in need of some extra hanging boxes you will also get them.

Packaging Tape Supplies

It is important that you use high grade tape. Luckily, the store will avail a high grade tape you will use  to keep all your boxes sealed  .

Our Moving Kits

Public storage offers a wide range of moving kits that are designed to accommodate most of your storage needs. Alternatively, you can purchase your own storage kits and use them.

Everyone will need the services of a public storage at some point in life. If you are renovating your old space or you are just in need of a place for recreations sports equipment. Storing your goods in such stores comes with the following advantages.

There Is No-Long Term Contract

Most of the facilities will allow you to use the facilities at the time you need them. When you feel that you no longer need the space, all you need to do is to give them a 14 day’s notice and vacate. You will not be tied down to a long term contract when you no longer need their services.

Payment Are Easy to Make

Most of the public storage allows you to make easy payments using debit orders. They allow you to make payment using many other methods hassle free. Therefore, you do not need to waste time visiting the stores every month.

Move on the Same Day

If you do not have enough time, all you need to do is to identify a storage near your home select your units and move in the same day.

24 Hour Access

Most of the public storage stores can be accessed of 24/7 basis. This means that you can access the items, use them and return it for storage when you don’t need it. Some of the stores have unique entry tags that allow you entry into the stores and exit electronically. It will also have the details recorded for future references

Lock and Keep Your Key

Most of the stores allows you to keep your keys and allow you to have unlimited access  to you items. This will give you a piece mind.

Use Our Vans

Some of the public stores offer free transport service to their customers. However   you may be required to book for the vans.

We Have Packaging Supplies

You will also have access to packaging facilities such as boxes, bubble wrap and cello tape. This is to ensure that all your items are kept in one location to enhance their safety.  Available also are bags you can use to cover mattresses and other items that may need to be covered.

Choose the Storage Size That Fits Your Needs

Public storage allows you to rent space that is enough for your goods. This is important since it ensures you don’t pay for the extra space. Thus, you will not need to pay for the space you don’t need. If you do not know how much space you may need, the staff will help you select the space that is sufficient for your goods. If you choose a small space, you have an option of moving to a larger space later.

Guaranteed Security

Public storage facilities provide a large range of security features including cctv cameras, access control systems and electric fences.

Free Access to Our Trollies

If you are moving bulky items, you will have a chance to use trolleys provided by the stores. In addition, public storage provides enough parking spaces and a loading bay to ensure free access and easy movement of goods.

Types of storage

One is free to choose renting storage units that have units where he can safely store his item.  The store can be used to store goods and documents for weeks, months or years.  The stores come with a number of features including locking systems. Some of the public stores have climate controlled environment making them ideal for storing certain type of goods that require controlled climate. The stores are designed in different sizes and are meant to meet certain needs. They include:

Smaller storage units

They are small units of cupboard size and are used to store documents and other valuable items. They are available in sizes and have file cabinets making them ideal for people who do not have enough space in their offices and who want their valuables stored safely away from their offices.

Regular Self-Storage

These are storage units that are in great demand. They are similar to regular storage units but differ in the sense that they come with tools that can be used to regulate the climate within the unit. This type of storage facilities are expensive but are best suited for all the goods that need to be protected from extreme humidity.

Furniture Storage

They are usually small in size but are ideal for storing antique furniture items that cannot be used while they are being moved.

Garage storage

Are units that are used to store cars? Ideally, if you are going for a tour or you have several cars, you can store some of them in the garage units so that you don’t have to worry about gathering of dust or being damaged. Most of these facilities are available at the airport and can be used when you are flying out. The spaces are big enough to accommodate and can accommodate several cars. They can be used to store boats and other small vessels. The stores have become popular and have a number of websites that allow clients to check the details online and make a decision whether to store their cars and boats in the facilities or not.  They are considered secure, since they are monitored on 24/7 basis and  are climate controlled.

Storage Popularity

One of the reasons why the public storage facilities are becoming common is that  individuals are gathering more property and possessions yet the places they live in are becoming smaller and smaller. Because of this, there is needed to look for an extra space where they can keep the possessions when they are not using them.

Efficient Management

For one to succeed in running the store, it is necessary that he becomes efficient. Records and documentation must be properly done to make it easier for the owners to retrieve some of the possessions when they need them. Most of the stores have managers who employ customer service strategies that help them to effectively manage and run the stores.


The stores have numerous challenges that must be overcome. On top of the list is the customer stereotype and clients who are always troublesome.

All said, they give the clients a chance to accumulate possessions regardless of whether they have the space in which they can store them or not.  It is also the best place where one can store possessions that he intends to sell with time. Similarly, if you want to sell your home but you do not know where you can temporally keep your belongings, the stores provide an ideal place for your items. If you have a small space in your home, you can keep some of your items in public storage facilities for the period of time you will not need the items.  They are cheap and affordable.

If you choose to store your items in these stores, you will benefit from a number of services including free transport and assistance from the staff. You need not to be bonded to be allowed to rent the facility.  Lastly, you will enjoy enormous discounts if you make advance payment at the facilities.

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